What is Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball is a just a different way to play the game of basketball. To accommodate for people with lower limb disabilities, each athlete uses specifically designed ball chairs to get up and down the court. It is full contact basketball, with all the elements of basketball, but with the additional use of a ball chair as a piece of sports equipment.

What makes wheelchair basketball so unique is that it demands a combined skillset distinct from any other sport. Athletes must maneuver their chairs with precise technique, finesse, and explosive physicality.

The rules of the sport are very similar to stand-up basketball :

  • Same Ring Height
  • Same Court Dimensions
  • Same Ball
  • Same 3 Pointers

There are only 2 main changes to the rules:

  • No Double-Dribbling
  • Travelling occurs when a player pushes his/her wheel more than twice without a dribble

What’s Happening

Timeline Kegiatan

  • December 2017: National Team Selection Camp
  • January 2018: National Team Training Start
  • March 2018: Asia Oceanic Zone Qualifications for 2018 Asian Para Games
  • June 2018: Jakarta Training Camp with Australian Head Coach
  • July 2018: Asian Para Games Test Event - Silver Medalist